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About Starlena

A Compassionate & Intuitive Massage Therapist since 2018 who specializes in relaxation, healing & therapeutic modalities.

I am a passionate Holistic Practitioner with an alternative approach to wellness. I am dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, and emotional transitions by using the healing properties of Massage Therapy.


I have three beautiful kids who have inspired me to go after my dream and strive for success. After all, If I don't live up to my full potential, how can I encourage them to? This mentality towards my parenting positively affects my performance as a massage therapist as I challenge myself with every service. I give the client the best service I can rather you are a new client or a long-term client.


Through my services, I strive to promote balance and relaxation for my clients; to improve their well-being.


 My treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of each client; to ensure they receive a treatment that works best for them.  I am dedicated to being up to date on current trends & modalities as I thrive to continue my education throughout my career. The most important trait to me is growth. I enjoy being challenged by the needs of others because it gives me a new opportunity to learn & incorporate that new skill for my client's best interest.

I take cleanliness seriously. I will continue to provide a safe space for my clients. I will continue to wear my face mask during my services if that makes the client feel more comfortable. I also have an air purifier in the treatment room. My clients' peace of mind is important to me.

I want to thank you for exploring what my business is about. This is just the beginning of Hideaway Retreat. As Hideaway Retreat continues to grow, I will be increasing my availability on my schedule to allow for more opportunities for my clients to book at their convenience, My long-term goal is to open the best spa oasis in the triangle. I want to bring a creative and innovative experience that Raleigh, NC has not yet seen. It starts with you; so thank you for your support! 

I look forward to meeting with you. If you are ready to reserve your appointment, click on the BOOK NOW tab at the top of the page.

LMBT# 17968



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