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Renew me

Hideaway Retreats Perfectly Blended Swedish & Therapeutic Massage.

Benefits include; Decreasing stress & Anxiety, Promoting Circulation, Increasing Range of motion, relaxation, & Flexibility, Decreasing pain, & More...

Star is excellent, very professional, and personable. Best massage I've found, I go regularly. She finds the sore tight spots and works them with just the right amount of pressure.

Verified Client


Oncology Massage

Touch Therapy For Past & Present Oncology Clients.

Benefits Include; Decrease Stress & Anxiety, Less chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (numbness), Better ability to tolerate cancer treatment side effects, & More... 


Relax Me

Hideaway Retreats Signature Swedish Massage.


Benefits include; improving mood, decreasing stress, promoting circulation, increasing relaxation, and more...


Prenatal Massage

The Perfect Mother-To-Be Pampering Treatment 13 weeks & up

Benefits Include; Promoting Relaxation, Decreasing Stress, Relief from Pain & Discomfort.


Thai Massage

The Massage Modality of Buddhist Monks. The client wears Loose Clothing during Treatment.

Benefits Include; Muscle relaxation, Boosting Immune System, Promoting Flexibility, Improves Breathing, Helping tone the body, slowing the aging process, & more...


Restore Me

Hideaway Retreats Signature Therapeutic Massage.

Benefits Include; Reducing Muscle pain, Increasing flexibility, & Range of Motion, Promoting better circulation, and more...


Hot Stone

The Perfect Blend of Swedish Massage with Heated Stones.

Benefits Include; Easing Muscle Tension, Promoting Relaxation, Decreasing Stress & Anxiety, & more


Sugar-n-Coffee Scrub & Massage

Radiant All-Natural Exfoliating Body Treatment with Whipped Body Butter

Benefits Include; Improving Skin Texture & Circulation, Reduces Puffiness, Reduces Inflammation, Creating Radiating Glow.


Vanilla Sugar Scrub & Massage

A Gentle Exfoliating  Body Treatment That Softens Your Skin

Benefits Include; Soften Skin, Improving Circulation, Promoting Elasticity, Reducing Uneven Skin Tone, Increasing Circulation, & more...




Applied topically and aromatically.

Benefit: Enhance mood, Promote relaxation, Sinus relief, Headache relief.


Targeted Cold Stone

Therapeutic application of smooth cold stones. Great for hot flashes and tendinitis.


Benefits: Reduce inflammation, Stimulate the immune system, Relief from hot flashes.


Fresh Feet

Exfoliates the feet with a Lemongrass Sugar Scrub, soaked in hot towels, & moisturized with shea butter.


Benefits: Exfoliates, Detoxifying, Improves circulation, Softens skin.


Heated Stones Mini

Melt away tension in your back, neck, & shoulders. 

Benefits: Ease muscle tension, Reduce stress & anxiety, Boost Immunity.


Decompression Therapy

A Soft cup suctions the skin to decompress muscle and connective tissue.

Benefits: Reduces pain, Promotes mobility, Improves circulation. 


Hydrating Hands

Gently exfoliate hands with a sugar scrub, wrapped in hot towels, and moisturized with Shea butter.


Benefits: Softens skill, exfoliates dead skin cells, 


Scalp Renewal

Stimulates the scalp using organic coconut & Peppermint oil & Scalp Massage.

Benefits: Hydrates the roots. Encourages circulation. Relaxes the mind. Stimulates the hair follicles.


Herbal Heat Therapy

A weighted Herbal Heat Pack is placed on your back & Abdomen


Benefits: Decreases Muscle tension, Increases relaxation, Relief from Stress &  Anxiety.


Gua Sha

A traditional Chinese medicine technique targeting areas with smooth rose quartz tools


Benefits: Promotes circulation. Soothes stiff muscles. Reduces inflammation.


Restorative Rest

Extend your Massage with restorative rest. Relax with a soft pillow or heated neck pillow, weighted eye mask & a 20lb weighted blanket.

Benefits: calming, reduces anxiety, promotes inner tranquility, stillness & mental health. 


Back Cleanse

Your choice of Coffee or Sugar Scrub is a great addition to your massage.

Benefits: Exfoliates, softens skin, improves skin texture & appearance, Improves circulation


Facial Steaming

Enjoy a customized Facial Steam with your option to include aromatherapy.

Benefits: Clear Sinuses, calm cough, ease a sore throat, detoxify the skin, alleviate headaches, reduce puffiness.

"I’ve traveled all over the world getting massages everywhere I’ve been but something about the ambiance and great massage I received here definitely ranks The Hideaway Retreat among the best I’ve had. The 50 min is not enough, you have to get the 80 min…"

Anonymous / Verified Client

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